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Why sponsor?

Sponsor the Perl::Dance conference to get a real community audience for Perl and Dancer related topics and present your company or association.

Apart from the sponsorship benefits, you will get in touch with community directly and meet the developers in person. Below we have outlined a few sponsorship options but we are open to additional custom proposals. This is a wonderful opportunity for your business to cost effectively target a very specific and technical market group. Contact us today and let one of our team members work out an effective plan perfect for any budget.

  • Bronze Level Sponsor: Web logo with link on event homepage and other web based marketing and email blasts. - $200.00
  • Silver Level Sponsor: Bronze level sponsorship and company banner in conference room. - $350.00
  • Gold Level Sponsor: Silver level sponsorship and company logo on splash screen for presentation videos. - $500.00
  • Platinum Sponsor: Gold level sponsorship and company logo predominantly placed on event t-shirt. - $950.00
  • Diamond Sponsor: Platinum level sponsorship, accommodations during event and up to 4 all access passes. - $3500.00

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Easy and flexible web framework


Extensible and flexible ORM