Perl::Dancer Conference 2014

The Perl::Dancer Conference is a high quality, inexpensive event organized by the Interchange Development Group. The goal is to learn about modern and professional web, database and eCommerce applications written in Perl. Developers and business people from across the USA and Europe visit this conference. Please checkout the conference program and register now to qualify for early bird prices.

From Zero to Hero

People getting into Dancer because of its ease of use and flexibility, we bring you up to speed with learning Modern Perl and Dancer development.

Meet the Experts

Experts are out there to share their experiences and give you sage advice about software development, databases and eCommerce.
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Build the Community

Using and development Open Source softwares needs communication skills (IRC, Github, Presentations) as well as certain techniques. We are around during and after the conference in order to help you to join the community.

Write Real World Apps

We show you how to write serious applications for business and government. This includes show cases and instructions about structuring, tests and security.


Is there a subject you are interested in which isn't covered yet? Please feel free to contact us at

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